The Egyptian Elements wallcoverings collection offers several designs in several coordinating Color Series. Inspired from carvings and figures found in ancient Egyptian tombs and palaces. 

Click on a thumbnail to view the available Color Series and sizes offered.  If you need a width that we haven't listed, please let us know and we can discuss customizing the design.



Nile River

Nile River Shower Curtain

Nile River frieze, fill paper, wainscoting, & blue cotton velvet drapes



Lotus Blossoms





Deco Fanfare

Papyrus Pond
Stars Field fill paper


Power, Life & Stability

Our wallpapers are waterproof using pigmented inks on a sturdy latex-injected paper.  Papers will arrive untrimmed with a selvage edge (selvage edge removed with a small trimming fee) and should be applied to walls using standard wallpaper paste.

Winged Mystic


Golden Ankh

King and Queen


Borders are sold by the roll in 10' and 15' lengths.  Borders, friezes and wainscotings can also be printed on a variety of fabrics so you can incorporate these designs into your window treatments and lightweight upholstery needs.

 Look at our lampshades!


5 1/4" x10' roll
...$36 US

5 1/4" x 15' roll ...$54 US

8" x10' roll ...$54 US

8" x 15' roll ...$80 US 

Friezes and Wainscotings are sold by the linear yard. 

18" frieze ...$39/lin yd US 

22" frieze ...$47.00/lin yd US

27" wainscoting ...$55/lin yd US 

32" wainscoting ...$65/lin yd US

Fill paper (full wall coverings) ... based on 20 1/2" wide papers, $110 for an 8' roll, $140 for a 10' rolls - other lengths available upon request.



Pillows, throws, shower curtains, lampshades, and sconce shades also available.   


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