Roomset: Nile River (all sizes offered in both Color Series, River and Sandstone)    

borders, standard sizes 
5 1/4" and 8"
Friezes, standard sizes
18" and 22"
Dados, standard sizes
27" and 32"

Dado (seen in the photo shown on Egyptian Elements page), standard sizes  27" and 32".
Top Lines, sold by the roll, are 27" wide and come in 8' ($145) and 10' ($182) lengths, and 20 1/2" wide in 8' ($110) and 10' ($140).

Fill paper (full wall coverings) ... based on 20 1/2" wide papers, $110 for an 8' roll, $140 for a 10' rolls - other lengths available upon request

5 1/4" x10' roll
...$36 US

5 1/4" x 15' roll ...$54 US

8" x10' roll ...$54 US

8" x 15' roll ...$80 US 


Friezes and Wainscotings are sold by the linear yard. 

18" frieze ...$39/lin yd US 

22" frieze ...$47.00/lin yd US 

27" wainscoting ...$55/lin yd US 

32" wainscoting ...$65/lin yd US

Our lovely client from Melbourne, Australia, sent in a photo showing our Nile River frieze on their stunning blue wall! It looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

pillows and throws

14" square
starting at ... $50.00

(shade only) starting at ...$56.00

pictured here with braided rope trim

Shower Curtain

shower curtain



Nile River Top Lines and Dado combined in a beautiful shower curtain, made with organic cotton sateen fabrics, fully washable with phosphate-free laundry detergents.
60" x 70" starting at ... $315.00.


Our wallpapers are waterproof using pigmented inks on a sturdy latex-injected paper.  Papers will arrive untrimmed and should be applied to walls using standard wallpaper paste.



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