Roomset: Clevette

Infused with sensual curves and rhythm, Clevette brings the impact of Art Nouveau to your room with interesting combinations of organic hues.     


The background is a pale - the accents are warm pink with warm gold and deep taupe accents, inspired by fragile lingerie and strands of pearls.


The background is a very pale, frosty green - the accents are a little warmer, inspired by an early morning sun just starting to burn off the cool fog and frost on the lawn.


The background is a deep chocolate brown - the accents are warm taupe and chartreuse, inspired by rich soil and healthy green leaves of new plants.


Combine and coordinate borders with fills to create your own frieze or dado creation.  More palettes coming soon.

Dimensions:  This paper was designed to be used under a chair rail as a dado or simply as a wide frieze anywhere on your wall, though it also could be produced as fill paper (repeat 12" wide on a 32" dado). Borders also available. - (custom widths available for a small additional fee - please inquire)

Borders are sold by the roll in 10' and 15' lengths.  Borders, friezes and wainscotings can also be printed on a variety of fabrics so you can incorporate these designs into your window treatments and lightweight upholstery needs.

5 1/4" x10' roll
...$36 US
5 1/4" x 15' roll ...$54 US
8" x10' roll
...$54 US
8" x 15' roll
...$80 US 

Friezes and Wainscotings are sold by the linear yard. 

18" frieze ...$39/lin yd US 

22" frieze ...$47.00/lin yd US 

27" wainscoting ...$55/lin yd US 

32" wainscoting ...$65/lin yd US


Fill paper (full wall coverings) ... based on 20 1/2" wide papers, $110 for an 8' roll, $140 for a 10' rolls - other lengths available upon request


More color-ways on the drawing table! Suggestions welcome!


Don't forget coordinating wallpaper and fabric!


The background is a deep brown - the accents are a gentle pale, pink taupe and warm gold, inspired by a Valentine's Day of chocolate, roses and jewelry.

Our wallpapers are waterproof using pigmented inks on a sturdy latex-injected paper.  Papers will arrive untrimmed and should be applied to walls using standard wallpaper paste.

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